Monday, August 15, 2011

Getting There...Slowly

Hey guys, just thought I'd might update you on what I'm doing!

I'm currently building houses and what not for the neighborhood for my story! Now, I'm not really creative when it comes to houses so I'm trying to take my time with this and see what I could come up with! Normally I would just download houses but this time I want to see what I could do by myself! So yeah, that's going to take a little while.

I have a couple more characters I have to make also, and I need to download A LOT more stuff! But I'll get'll just take more time.

Well I just want you guys to know that I'm not just being lazy, which I have in some points, but still! This story looks promising! :D

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Good News!

My computer is fixed! :D

The funny thing is, I was trying to get this thing to work for a long time and turns out it was something simple to do! You can only imagine how stupid I

Anyways, I am going on a MASSIVE downloading spree at the moment, and I'm working on the neighborhood for the story!

Everything is looking up right now, I just hope I didn't jinx anything!! The story will be up soon!

Bye guys!! :D

Thursday, July 07, 2011

UPDATE...well NOT really

Hey guys! :D

I just wanted to tell you all my computer is somewhat being fixed. My dad is getting to it, but he can be very forgetful and I have to annoy him to death to fix it lol. But it's in the process of getting fixed!

I finished the bios for my characters that will be in my story! Well I know I'll have more characters along the way of the story but these are the main characters.

Now I could put there bios up now if you guys want me to, I won't be promoting it anywhere because simply, I don't even have pictures of what the sims will look like. Also, the blog I have is not even close to being ready but I can put them on there, you guys will just need to ask for a invitation notice to be in the blog, but I'm telling you it's not pretty!

So yeah, it's your choice if you want to know about the characters now or wait for me to be more organized in the story first.

Everything is coming along greatly, I just really hope it stays that way!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Where I'm Going With This...

It has been a while, I know. I don't even really expect anyone to see this but if someone does then hello!

Now I know I have not put up a story at all, believe me I'm disappointed in myself for not doing that. I had planned on posting a story up starting the summer, which I was close to doing but then my hard drive crashed, which made me lose everything. After having my hard drive crash, about a week later my computer caught a virus and now my computer needs to be fixed. I don't know..I tried.

Anyways, I am still working on this story. I have my characters, I'm working on their bios now so when my computer does come back up you all have SOMETHING to look at instead of nothing. I'm hoping to have everything up by the end of July? Beginning of August? I just hope I can stand by that and not procrastinate.

Now as soon as my computer comes back my whole blog is going to be revamped. I'm even thinking about getting a new username and what not; probably going back to Slime, which was my very first username when starting going into the sims community. I hope I can get that done soon!

These are all just plans though, I don't know if I can fully promise you all that everything will be out on time or not, I still have real life to battle with. I just want you all to know that this isn't the end, I still have a strong desire to post my stories up here.

Thank you for sticking by me if you still are, which I'm pretty sure nobody but still, thank you! This summer should be promising!

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

As if it couldn't get any worse!

So what might be good news and horrible news.

The good news is that, since I'm applying for a new high school (one of those academies and tech's), my mom said that if I get in I'll get a brand new computer! One that can actually play the sims well!

The bad news is....well I went on the downloading website where I stored my sims....and their GONE!

I don't know why or how they were gone because the last time I checked, it was fine! Now I have to make my characters over again because I just wasn't thinking when I just could have stored it all on my external hard drive!

Now all my sims have to be made from scratch again...


Tuesday, January 05, 2010



I remember when I took this picture, when my laptop for my sims wouldn't be so....messed up.

Haven't posted in a while, I know that!

I broke my desktop computer, YES another one...

Broke it a few weeks ago, and that means no sims again basically I think.

It's almost been 2 years since I haven't been able to play..isn't that crazy? But I've been depending on my parents to much and I know they've been busy but I'm tired of waiting now! I want the stuff so I can finally PLAY! and write stories, it's about time!

So this year, I WILL be putting this story up, nothing can stop me, I really want to do this! So expect it this year...I don't know when, or how, but take my word, I WILL have this story out, this year!

I have so many ideas for it and I just can't wait. I tried putting the game on my laptop but my laptop is just being stupid. After I uninstalled the Sims 2 before, they said I still haven't uninstalled all the expansion packs...and I did!!

So It's either I'm going to bug my parents more, or I'm going to get it on this laptop because I really want this whole thing done right now...I really do...

So like I'm saying, EXPECT the story!

Expect it...

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Plan!!


So I tried turning on my computer today, and it won't turn on.

I tried many ways and it just WON'T.

So as my dad is going to fix that and what not, I thought of a plan.

Well I was thinking maybe I could try and put the sims on my laptop again, and maybe just make some like, short stories or something. I always wanted to participate in Simfic50.

I don't know yet, but it's a thought!

What do you guys think?

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